Eisenheim is located in the heart of the Franconian (Franken) wine country in a quiet and tranquil area on the Main river.  Far removed from the hustle and bustle of Frankfurt to the north and Munich to the south.  Despite all the tranquility Eisenheim is very centrally located as it is near to Schweinfurt, Kitzingen and Würzburg.  The Main ferry (one of the last in Bavaria) allows cyclists to connect to the Main Valley bike path. From Eisenheim the cycle path leads to Schweinfurt and Würzburg.

Eisenheim is made up of two districts,  Ober- and Untereisenheim.  It is mostly a wine and fruit growing community. About 90 wine making families manage, either full-time or part-time, over 230 hectares of vineyards. Particular well know wines include the Obereisenheimer Höll, with the well-known symbol of the Obereisenheim devil, and the Untereisenheim Sonnenberg.  Wines from both Ober- and Untereisenheim are of good quality and well known beyond the borders of Franconia.

The Obereisenheimers are fun-loving people. Throughout the district of Würzburg, there is no community that offers more festivals. There is something for every taste. It starts in April with the culinary wine festival "Fish and Wine" and ends with the grape harvest festival in autumn in Obereisenheim.  The cultural highlight in autumn is in Untereisenheim with art exhibitions in wineries, barns, basements and garages throughout the village.

The local asparagus fields, the wine and the fish at the local restaurants offer all the requirements for culinary delights.  The town with its limestone paved streets and half-timbered houses is still unspoiled and has an idyllic view over the river Main.

Cozy hospitality, good food, lots of wine cellars, tasting rooms  and traditional wine festivals invite many visitors to linger.  Genuine Franconian tradition is still maintained in Obereisenheim  If you visit Obereisenheim at the right time in spring you could be lucky  to see the extremely rare district tulip. 

Eisenheim is the warmest and sunniest region of Bavaria with the least rainfall.   The climate and landscape are a haven for numerous bird species.  In the area you can find the largest population of Nightingales in the district of Würzburg.


Eiseneheim is first mentioned in 772 as "Isinleiba" or "Isleiba" in the record books of the monastery of Fulda.  Then in 788 it is mentioned as "Isanesheim" in a deed to the monastery of Fulda.  The name "Isanesheim" probably means "the home of Isan", a Franconian settler.  The Count of Castell later acquired a large part of property on the river Main from the monastery of Fulda.  (The coat of arms of the House of Castell, the Red Silver Crossing, can be found on the new coat of arms of Eisenheim.) Obereisenheim and Untereisenheim were repeatedly sold or mortgaged by the Counts of Castell (Obereisenheim) and by the Prince Bishop of Würzburg (Untereisenheim).  They changed through many hands throughout the centuries until the local government reform in 1978 when they fell under the district of Würzburg.  Since 5 January 1978 the upper (ober) and lower (unter) Eisenheim formed a community.  They recently celebrated their anniversary as the community of Markts Eisenheim:  "1200 years Isaneshiem - Eisenheim"


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