With information supplied by the Geneological Institute of SA in Stellenbosch, I managed to construct the Bornman Family Tree in South Africa on an Excel spreadsheet. I only include the male Bornmans as they are the ones carrying the name forward. It is far from finished as the Institutes' information does not include any of the newer descendants of the families.  It was quite a tedious job and I cannot vouch for the 100% accuracy of it.  Feel free to send me your family tree and I can try and fit it into the correct slot.  Click on the link below to view the Bornman Family Tree in South Africa: 

Bornman Family Tree South Africa.xls Bornman Family Tree South Africa.xls
Size : 78 Kb
Type : xls

Here is an example of the our branch of the  Bornman Family Tree, tracing it from Hieronymus to my grandfather, Phillipus Albertus (1892),  my father Jacobus Frederik (1927), my brother Phillipus Albertus (1958) and to his son Jacobus Frederik (1987), currently last in line, but hopefully not for long!


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