Vernon Harding completed his Harding Family Register and wanted to do something to honor his grandmother Cornelia Elizabeth Johanna Harding born Bornman (1894 - 1987).  She was the granddaughter of Marthinus Hermanus Bornman (1827 - 1884).  He said:   "I always wanted to know more about her and her family after all the stories of living and the hardships they endured in the concentration camps."  He then started with the mammoth task of compiling the family register of Marthinus Hermanus Bornman and dedicated it to his grandmother Cornelia.  With his first Bornman register finished he then started on the register of Myndert Jacobus Bornman which he also completed.

Here is the complete registers of Marthinus Hermanus Bornman, Myndert Jacobus Bornman and Johannes Jurgens Borman Vosburg as compiled by Vernon Harding and "assisted by all those contributing genealogists known and unknown that spent many an hour of their precious time doing research building on a Bornman family tree" .

Marthinus Hermanus Bornman.pdf Marthinus Hermanus Bornman.pdf
Size : 1060.908 Kb
Type : pdf
Myndert Jacobus Bornman.pdf Myndert Jacobus Bornman.pdf
Size : 1590.898 Kb
Type : pdf
Johannes Jurgens Borman Vosburg.pdf Johannes Jurgens Borman Vosburg.pdf
Size : 1187.952 Kb
Type : pdf



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