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The family name Bornman:  A journey from Obereisenheim to South Africa

The surname Bornmann was derived from the old German word BURNA which meant, dweller by the stream or at the burn.  The South African Bornmans originated in Germany as Bornemann and this name survives today.  Other variations include Bornman, Borman and Bormann.

South Africa is often called the Rainbow Nation.  We are a nation of different nationalities, colors and cultures.   Our ancestors came from all over the world. Holland, Germany, France, Malaysia, India, China, Africa etc.  It is therefor not uncommon that we sometimes wonder where our roots are.   For many of us it is not always possible to find out as it can be very difficult to access records from other countries or even here in South Africa.  For the Bornmans in South Africa this task seemed not so impossible.  With the help of records and documents from the Genealogical Institute of SA, housed at the University of Stellenbosch, we can trace our history back to our progenitor, Hieronymus Bornemann from Obereisenheim, Germany, who arrived in Cape Town in 1782.  The parish church in Obereisenheim assisted further with the history of Hieronymus and his parents before he came to South Africa.  It was  a difficult task for Marion Beck-Winkler, the church secretary, to go through the many records to find, not just an entry for Hiernonymus, but also entries concerning his parents and siblings.  

This site will take you on a journey with Hieronymus from Obereisenheim to South Africa.  You can read more about the beautiful village of Obereisenheim in Bavaria, Germany, the conditions in Germany at the time of Hieronymus's departure, his history in South Africa and the Maritz trek that took his descendants inland...and much more.



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