The family history and background of Hieronymus Bornemann was recorded in the church book of the Evangelic Lutheran Parish Church of Obereisenheim. (Kirchenbuch der Evang. Luth Kirchengemeinde Obereisenheim.) These huge volumes of books are now very old and brittle.  To preserve them we only have access to photocopies.

The family history was researched by Marion Beck-Winkler on request of Chris Bornmann of South Africa.  When our inquiry came to her she had all the information ready but they were wondering how many times they still have to pass on this information to Bornmans in South Africa.  Can we not share the information among us?  Probably thinking we are only a handful and we all know each other.

The entry was made in old German and reads:

"Trauung von Adam Bornemann und Katharine Margaretha Kleinschroth

Johan Adam Bornemann, Ofenmacher aus Homburg in Hessen hat sich den 11 Februar 1751 mit Katharina Margaretha Meister Kleinschroths Burgers und Schumachers alhier ehelicher Tochter nachdem sie in Unehre ein Kind erzeugt auf hohe Verordnung euer graflicher Vormundschaft Consisdorie im Haus kopulieren lassen, weil die Kleinschrothin eine neue wochnerin und unpass gewesen."

From this we see that Johan Adam Borneman. an oven maker from Homburg in Hessen, married Katharina Margaretha Meister Kleinschroths on 11 February 1751. ( The Kleinschroths was a big and wealthy family of Obereisenheim at the time.)  They had an illegitimate child and they were ordered to marry by the guardian of Obereisenheim, the Count of Castell.  The village of Castell is better known to us as the makers of Faber Castell pens and pencils. 


Children of Adam Bornemann and Katharine Margaretha Kleinschroth:

 * George Melchior born at 24:00 at night on 18 January 1751.  He was baptised a day later by Father Georg Volpert Ringer.

 * Maria Catharina born at  06:00 on 8 February 1752.  She was baptised by Father Ringer.

 * Johann Andreas born at 03:00 on 4 June 1756.  He was baptised by Father Ringer.

 * Hieronymus born at 06:00 on 12 August 1758.  He was baptised by Father Ringer.

 * Johann Philipp born between 05:00 and 06:00 on 18 August 1766.  He was baptised by Father Englert.

 * Conrad Nicolaus born on 18 June 1770.  He was baptised by Father Christoph Ringer, the son of Father Georg Ringer.

Entry in Church records of Hieronymus's birth on 12 August 1758 (five lines starting with Adam Bornemann):


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