Obereisenheim is well worth the visit.  The people are fun loving and they have a festival for every occasion.  From the Fischfest, Hofshoppenfest, Hofweinfest, Strassenweinfest, Kulturherbst, to just name a few.  The highlight is the Strassenweinfest (Street wine festival), held every year on the first weekend of July.  On the main street of the village, cars make way for tables, chairs, food stalls and of course wine stalls and a band stand.

There is much to do in Obereisenheim:  To name a few:

 *  Wine tastings at the local wine cellars * Walks and picnics in the vineyards * Walk through the orchards to the neighboring village of Untereisenheim or to Wipfeld for ice cream. * Borrow a bicycle and follow the bicycle path on the Main to the village of Volkach for a stroll in the beautiful village, followed by lunch and shopping * Take the cruise boat from Volkach for a cruise down the Main past Obereisenheim * Rent a kano and paddle down the Main * Have a Weitzen (Weissbeer) on the deck of Gästhaus zum Schiff with a view of the Main *  Take a look at the two local churces *  For a refreshing toy angle visit the Museum Erzgebirge in Obereisenheim * Visit Wine Paradise built in Hundertwasser style in Untereisenheim *  Enjoy the wonderful cuisine, especially asparagus when in season * Take a day trip to Würtzburg, there is a so much to see, from the Fortress Marrienberg, to the Residenz and the Altstadt.

Above all, just sit back and relax and enjoy the hospitality and warmth of the people of Obereisenheim.


 * Ferienwohnung und Gästezimmer Schuler-Petchler for the best accommodation.  Email Katja mailto:schulerpetschler@aol.com

 * Höllenkeller of Weingut Herbert Schuler for a wine tasting and Gästehaus Bärbel for accommodation.  See more on http://www.weingut-herbert-schuler.de

 * Weingut Gerd Krämer for wine tasting and renting of kanoes.  See more on http://www.weingut-kraemer.de

 * Armin Drescher for organic viticulture and accommodation.  See more on http://www.armin-drescher.de    

 Ferienwohnung Schuler-Petschler 

Holiday home and guest rooms by Katja Schuler-Petschler  

Höllenkeller & Gästehaus Bärbel

Willi, Frau Schuler, Vanessa, Bärbel, Lukas & Weingut Herbert Schuler


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