I received positive feedback on the website.  Thank you!  Cas Bornman send me a interesting piece concerning Hieronymus' date of death and an inventory of his goods and effects at the time.  According to information on TANAP that deals with records from the VOC, he was a sergeant in the Hollands Batallion and died on 30 May 1797 at the age of 39.  There is a very interesting inventory made by a notary on request of his widow.  The last item on the list:  "een slavinne genaamd Marta van Bougies".  The information was posted on Wikitree by Charlene Deacon:  http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Bornemann-5

My information places him in the Tulbach area in 1808 as a farmer and transporter.  The two dates do not match up.  Can anybody help?

Read more on TANAP (archives of the VOC):  http://www.tanap.net/content/archives/introduction.cfm